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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Maschinen Krieger SAFS Fireball SG

I don't know if anyone out there looks at this thing anymore. If so, sorry for going so long without an update. I've been working on this armored suit from Maschinen Krieger/SF3D over the summer. It's 1/20 (90mm) scale; I'm really enjoying the larger size as well as the MaK. universe. More of these kits are definitely in the works.


  1. Pretty much the perfect paint job. I'd vote for it at any show you brought it to. There are so many good details, but my favorite is the surface quality of the armor. It looks like it has two dozen different semi-transparent finishes. Great work!

  2. Marc...this piece was absolutely gorgeous at Nova. You definitely deserved the win for best weathering! (Knocking out my dakkajet!!!!) Great job man!

  3. Very cool Great paint job! I'm useing the SF3D 1/35 models for 28mm large Star Ship troopers suits these look a lot the way I had them in my mind. I removed the 1/35 heads in some and put in 28mm head Upper torso arms and made side bits for the hands to work the arms. I think they work rather well. Anyhow great Work on this. Grey in Va.