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Monday, June 22, 2015

Old Line Massacre 2015

I hosted the second annual Old Line Massacre Horus Heresy in Maryland last weekend and it was a great weekend for all. Saturday was a 1000-1850-2150 point escalation campaign put together by me and Sunday was a day of Tactical Strike gaming run by my friends Ty and Jake. Thanks to everyone who attended! Here are The Scenarios and a whole bunch of photos.

Xenos Weapon Cards (everyone got one between games two and three)

Temporary Tattoos


  1. Looks like a blast. I'm sorry I could not make it this year.

  2. Alpha legion obviously best looking, but love that there were dreamforge pieces there! So cool!

  3. Great looking event with great looking miniatures!

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  5. Dear Marc
    I just love your alpha legion army. I have a few question regarding how you paint the infantry, I hope you will answer.
    The undercoat, is it white, grey or black.
    The shadow do you brush it on like a wash in the recess, or do you use an airbrush (temple blue applied as a zenithal highlight on top of the shadow color mix).
    Kind regards Kåre (from Denmark)

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